All of the information on the old website has now been transferred to this new one, and all of the items in the collection have now been listed in its database, so can be found using the search function. Transfer of further detailed information from the old Access database is ongoing, funded by the Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor (Thanks Prof. Terry!) and we have a lot of photographs we took during our removals which are yet to be uploaded.

And this weekend will see the first test of our online audio guide for the UQ Open Day. The 100 years of Physics at UQ tour is not complete yet but there is enough there to test out and get some feedback on.

We have also been joined by a new volunteer, Amelia. A UQ Museum Studies graduate,  she is going to design a new display on oscilloscopes for one of the display cases upstairs.

And a new season of Tools of Science starts on August 13 with a talk on heat engines and the quest for higher efficiency over the last two hundred years