The Physics Museum website has been expanded with the help of two Summer Scholars, Sarah Norton and Joshua DeBoom.

They have got several of our audio tours going, completing the catalogue descriptions and turning them into audio files visitors can access with a smartphone.

You can look and listen to them at home too, just by going to the lower left side of our homepage at  Any feedback is appreciated.


Recordings of last year’s Tools of Science lectures are now available, thanks to PhD candidate James Bennett, on our own Vimeo channel at

I’m afraid most of them have problems, like inaudible questions, or dropouts, but you can see the slides and hear the speaker. Special thanks to Prof Richard Yeo, who recreated the first part of his talk that failed to be recorded.


A new series will start on April 17 with a talk by Prof Jenny Martin from UQ’s Institute for Molecular Biosciences on "Bragging about Crystallography" in honour of Australia’s first Nobel Prize winner one hundred years ago. As foreshadowed, we are moving the talks to 4.30 pm on Friday, and I will send more details once the venue is confirmed.