Published: 11 March 2013

We always knew that the whole collection would not fit in the new display space, but it has still been a wrench to box up the excess for transport to our storeroom at Long Pocket, about 5 km away.

It has become urgent now that  classes are  starting again because we have used teaching laboratory space as temporary storage and sorting space. We were not able to catalogue everything fully in the time available but we did tag most and photograph many of the items being sent away.  And we reunited a few orphans with their mothers.

The display space is pretty cluttered, but visitors should think of it as a Cabinet of Curiosities rather than a Modern Art museum. Or like a nineteenth century picture gallery with paintings floor to ceiling.

More exciting than sending stuff away is the development of our new website, in the hands of Mr Stuart Rowlands. More later: you will be impressed!

Norman Heckenberg

PS: The director's desk has moved to Physics Annexe (6), Room 318 on UQ's St Lucia campus.