What do you think of the supposed kangaroo in the Portuguese document up for sale?


Based on my collection of Vita Brits Animals of the World Cards, I think it is a jerboa. But I digress - the point of this message is to enthuse about the wonderful exhibition of maps presently on show at the National Library in Canberra. They have a great collection of maps of terra australis incognita of their own, but until March 10 they have all the others you have ever read about in accounts of the Dutch discovery of New Holland and the Portuguese discovery of the east coast as well. And manuscripts from Cook and Flinders, the list goes on. And there are some interesting instruments thrown in: a very old Arabic astrolabe, a quadrant, and a number of clocks and chronometers including replicas of John Harrison's H1 and H4 built by a Canberra man.

Entry is free but you need to book an entry time on line. http://www.nla.gov.au/