When we set up the new web-based catalogue for the museum we built into it the ability to host and play audio files as well as images.

Coupled with a filter function, this allows us to set up audio tours that can be accessed using a smartphone.

Two third year students, Sarah and Joshua, have been working on making the tours a reality by composing and recording the the audio tracks, and eight are now complete (not the first one in the list!)

The easiest way to access them is at the lower left hand side of the museum homepage.  Once you get to the page for a particular item in the tour you will see an audio file player - click on that and listen.

Recently, a representative of a Dutch startup has been in Australia encouraging museums and other groups to make use of a free smartphone app that already accesses hundreds of museum and city tours.

The izi.TRAVEL app is available free from the app store for your smartphone, or from https://izi.travel/en/app

A number of members of the Brisbane Living Heritage Network have contributed already, and the Physics Museum now has an introductory tour recycling some of the content we already have. We we hope it may rmake our little museum a bit easier for people to find.