Although the Physics Museum is aimed primarily at undergraduate Physics students, we welcome younger students and have already hosted several high school groups in the new space. But last week we had a very special visit from the Kindy A class from Campus Kindergarten. For them it was quite an expedition and they arrived with hats and backpacks and several minders as well as teacher Miss Linda. I had forgotten what small children are like and after dealing with teenagers for decades, I was amazed by their curiosity and earnestness. They asked lots of questions, mainly of the 'what's this' sort, but some were harder to answer, like 'How did you get to be so old?'. Only much later did I come up with the correct answer - I always look both ways before crossing the street. They enjoyed the searchlight mirror, and many made sketches using the clipboards they brought. Most were pretty abstract, but the one shown captures three display items very well.