Maker's Name: 
Synchronome Co. Ltd, Brisbane
Where made: 
c. 1907
18 × 29 × 150 cm

This is one of the first master clocks built in Brisbane by Alfred George Jackson about 1907, based on a pattern provided by the Synchronome Co. in London.

Previously, master clocks used in installations such as South Brisbane Town Hall had been the more complex dead-beat or recoil escapement types fully imported from London.

In this model, the pendulum is directly impulsed once every thirty seconds as a roller on a L-shaped weight rolls down a pallet attached to the pendulum rod. At the end of the impulse, an electrical contact is made and the weight is raised again by an electromagnet. The same current pulse in the electromagnet flows to 'slave' dials, moving the hands on half a minute. Here, there is a dial to the right above the notice-board.

The clock is quite similar in appearance to one installed by Jackson in the Brisbane Central Technical College, controlling 112 dials including several in the  building of the recently opened University of Queensland.

That one had a locally made silky oak case, and its countwheel was pushed around counterclockwise rather than being pulled clockwise. It also had a slave dial fitted inside the case.

This case is walnut and was  imported from London.

  • in case from Arthur Page 
  • case before restoration