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47 × 49 × 29 cm


This Model 11-25 tablegram has a moulded bakelite case. It contains a dual-wave receiver (broadcast and one shortwave 6 to 18 Mcs bands). The inbuilt record player is a Collaro, designed to play 78 rpm records only, using a magnetic cartridge. Note that this tablegram was made in 1952 and 78 rpm players continued to be made after the later invention of the microgroove 45 and 33 rpm records. Kriesler used many different players for this model tablegram.

The 4 valve radio has three valves for reception (two for record playing), and one rectifier for the power supply. The IF stage is reflexed to also perform the function of the first audio stage, so the receiver performs as though it has four valves for reception.


  • back of case 
  • base cover 
  • label on base 
  • base cover removed 
  • turntable motor 
  • electronic chassis 
  • lid prop 
  • loudspeaker