Maker's Name: 
Griffin & Tatlock, London
Where made: 
20 × 41.7 × 42 cm

Standard beam balance for student laboratory use up to 250 gm. A rider on the left arm can measure to one milligram.

Transcription of handwritten instructions.



1. Check that the balance is level - adjust left and right feet until the tip of the plumb bob is centred in the dimple.

2. Rotate the front centre knob - with door down - clockwise gently raising the beam. Observe swings and determine MICROID scale mark which coincides with the centre of the swing.

3. Raise door 2/3 way up, where it should stay.

4. Place object on left pan.

5. Using tweezers - not fingers - add masses to right pan when beam is lowered.

6.Raise beam to check balance, then lower. Add masses and recheck.

7. Continue 5,6 until beam balances ......the rest is illegible