The Oscilloscopes display is located on the third floor of the Parnell Building, outside of the laboratory room 333.

To get to the display, go up the set of stairs that are located just inside the main entrance. The cabinet will be in front of you and  to your right.

Welcome to the University of Queensland Physics Museum’s Oscilloscopes Audio Tour. Oscilloscopes are designed to observe the change in an electrical signal over time and display this information as a two-dimensional plot on a screen. The cathode ray oscilloscope (CRO) far outdid any mechanical system in terms of speed of response, and the CRO was the most important instrument in many laboratories and workshops through the second half of the last century, until it was displaced by analogue-to-digital conversion techniques. It began as a ‘scope for visualisation and ended as a ‘graph for making accurate recordings.

 The links below will take you through the items on display, from a disassembled cathode ray tube to a miniature oscilloscope which was made right here in Brisbane. Each webpage contains a transcript of the audio guide, along with links to further related material.

Other display cases upstairs contain calculators and Australian-made instruments.


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