Maker's Name: 
Synchronome Electrical Co of Australasia, Brisbane
Where made: 
c. 1958
8 × 14 × 11 cm

A steel box houses a #2 secondary movement with an 8 cm diameter dial with arabic numerals and  marked SYNCHRONOME and MADE IN ENGLAND.

Inside the box, the movement, which has Fahnstock connectors and a carbon composition suppression  resistor, has a Paxolin plate mounted to the crossbar, carrying a pair of switch contacts. A Paxolin wheel mounted on an extended minute arbor has a small notch, a few minutes long, that allows the switch to close. The switched contacts are connected to a terminal block marked "C". The movement drive is connected to terminals marked "M".

On the back of the box is written No.2,     3? to 51/2 Past (painted over),    on hour to 2' PAST