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J. Sandell

A collection of optical fibre technology samples used by Jack Sandell, Senior Lecturer at the University of Central Queensland.

Key to photographs below:

Item 1. 10 core NBN fibre cable used in 2015 . Note the fibres are free to move and there are strength members for pulling and anti-crush members also.


Item 2. Following 23 terminals being damaged in an electrical storm a fibre optic link was developed by Electrical Engineering staff of CQU.The fibre optic link used from 1982 between Engineering and the Computer Centre contained 64 terminals multiplexed onto one fibre via the Hewlett Packard transmitter and receiver.The link was further developed and individual units used throughout the campus.


Item 3. The Augat fibre optic kit was used in final year student projects from 1978.


Item 4. National Semiconductors cadmium sulphide photometer used at STC, Dollis Hill in 1968 to detect light within the visible spectrum.With certificate of calibration.


Item 5. 2 off photoresistors used for the detection of light from fibre bundles circa 1968 used at STC, Dollis Hill


Item 6. High voltage aluminium overhead neutral conductor, circa 1986,with 4 (6?) fibre cores.This enabled power system authorities to become independent of the telephone network.


Item 7. Fibre bundle used by STC, Dollis Hill circa 1968.


Item 8. Fibres with lens used at STC, Dollis Hill


Item 9. ASC fibre optic cable circa 1985 contains?? fibres


Item 10. 3-way multiplexor for fibre bundles used at STC, Dollis Hill


Item 11. 2-way multiplexor for fibre bundles used at STC, Dollis Hill


Item 12. Assorted Perspex lenses from STC circa 1970.

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