47 × 15.5 × 21 cm

Much like the IBM Model 29 Card Punch, this device is used to create punched cards for use in early computing. However, this is an example of a much simpler machine. Where the Model 29 took input from a keyboard and could automatically work through a stack of unpunched cards, this manual card punch can only work for one card at a time. The input is also very different. The manual card punch has two dials located on its left side. One upper dial controls which character will be punched into the card, and the lower dial selects the column the character will be punched into. The benefit of this form of card punching is that the user may edit specific columns of a single line of a program without needing to use a complex machine like the Model 29 that may be in heavy demand.

A large blue ‘Punch’ button is located at the front of the device and is used to confirm the character/column selection. Another button next to the ‘Punch’ key automatically moves the input to the next column, allowing for a faster punching process.

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