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J. Sandell



Item 1.Layoutview of Intel 80386DX 32-bit computer.

Layout of Intel Pentium Pro 64-bit computer circa 1996. The original Pentium did not have an L2 cache memory.To overcome this a package was developed to include the cache memory, prior to incorporating the memory on future Pentium II chips.


Item 2. Layout view of Intel 486SX 32-bit computerand Intel Pentium 64-bit computer.


Item 3. Layout view of IBM 6x8632-bit architecture circa 1996


Item 4. 2 inch dia silicon slice circa 1970 potted in Araldite to protect it so it could be used in demonstrations


Item 5. 2 inch dia silicon slice circa 1970


Item 6. Assorted 1, 1.5, 2 inch dia silicon mandrel offcuts.There should be a 4 inch dia slice by AWA inside circular box, be careful it is extremely brittle.


Item 7. 6 inch dia silicon slice provided by AWA


Item 8. TMS 2700 8k bit ultraviolet Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

1.5 inch dia silicon slice circa 1969

SP249 Plessey phase-locked loop based modem circa 1972

Thick film single in-line resistor array

Fairchild uA556 Precision Timer


Item 9. CMOS Programmable Arrays circa 1996


Item 10. Surface acoustic wave filter (interesting under a microscope).


Item 11. Pentium with attached heat sink


Item 12. When circuits did not work they were often potted in Araldite and re-purposed.These were temperature stabilised triple op amps designed for a 10 bit analogue to digital converter using an NMOS process.


Item 13. AMD 486DX32-bit computer and surface acoustic wave delay line.Note the silicone daubing to prevent reflections of the waves.


Item 14. Intel Celeron circa 1998 64-bit computer.Note additional chips on the rear


Item 15. Intel Pentium 64-bit computer


Item 16. 32k bit ultraviolet Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory EPROM

IBM 8087 co-processor for the 8086 16-bit computer, circa 1980.

Internal structure of packages showing pin connection to the chip via wire bonding.


Item 17. 16k bit ultraviolet Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory EPROM

NEC 8085 8-bit microprocessor

GI AY-3-1015DUniversal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter

Zilog Z80(Intel 8080 equivalent)8-bit microprocessor


Item 18. Intel 80486 DX2 32-bit computer, used on-chip frequency doubling, circa 1992


Item 19. Inside box

Exar XR phase-locked loop

Plessey SP249 phase-locked loop based modem

Integrated Photomatrix Ltd 4x1 phototransistor array (note quartz window).

Thick film circuitry

Watch circuitry using thick film technology

Ultraviolet Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EPROM)

22-pin flat-pack triple nMOS op. amp. with green glass seal circa 1968.

Note the 22-pin flat-pack triple op. amp. with green glass seal was designed for a 10-bit recirculating remainder analogue to digital converter with an input resistance of greater than 10^10 ohms (the highest value we could measure) to be used by National Physical Laboratory. On testing the amplifier it was noted that the glass seal caused the gain of the op.amp to change when exposed to sunlight.The chief engineer together with two other Plessey members started Integrated Photomatrix Ltd designing phototransistor arrays.Which was a precursor to the modern digital camera.

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