Maker's Name: 
Synchronome Electrical Co of Austalasia, Brisbane
Where made: 
before WW I
5 × 45 × 45 cm

A reasonably weatherproof clock dial for the Synchronome system, probably  dating from before WW I. it would have been assembled in Brisbane from imported parts, mainly from Germany.

The baked enamel steel pan is enamelled brown all over and then the 28.5 cm diameter white face added. The numerals in this one are ordinary paint or have not been fired.

The hands are aluminium of the standard Synchronome shape. The minute hand is stiffened by a central rib.

The movement is protected by a tinplate can with terminals on the outside. The No.2 movement is marked PATENTED on the crossbar and  stamped 4519. It has a 4-spoke wheel, a curved pawl, and the coil is wound with green silk covered wire.

 the spark suppression shunt resistor is wound on a wooden bobbin.