Master Clocks Introduction:

Welcome to the University of Queensland Physics Museum Master Clocks Audio Tour. This tour will cover six different clocks and discuss their different mechanisms, uses and history. The tour also includes a bell timer, which was designed to be used in conjunction with a master clock to control which bells in a building would ring as well as their timing and duration.  The Master Clocks display is located in the UQ Physics Museum next to the western door. Some of the clocks are hung on the wall while others can be seen in theadjacent cabinet.  All these clocks measure time in the standard seconds, minutes and hours. However, throughout history there have been many different kinds of clocks that used different units, such as sundials and water clocks. Clocks are one of the oldest human inventions and research on atomic clocks is still ongoing.

The links below will take you through the items on display, from the pendulum driven wall clocks to the complex and exact cesium atomic clock. Each webpage contains a transcript of the audio guide, along with links to further related material.


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