Maker's Name: 
Villalcor S.L., Spain
Where made: 
100 × 15 × 135 cm

Reproduction astrolabe based on an original of 1602 by Michael Asinus.

An astrolabe is a plane representation of the celestial sphere that allows astronomical and astrological measurements and  calculations to be  made.

The light alloy casting only poorly represents the engraved scales, but the reproduction gives a good general idea of the layout of a classic astrolabe, with a pierced 'rete' indicating the stars and path of the Sun on the celestial sphere, rotating over a coordinate grid laid out for use at a particular lattitude.The rotating rule at the front helps in calculations, and the alidade on the back can be used to determine the altitude of stars or the Sun to set the star map, or to measure the height of terrestrial objects.