Maker's Name: 
Hewlett-Packard Company, USA, No. 1144A00875
Where made: 
45 × 54 × 14 cm

The desk-top calculator has a metal casing with a plastic front. Its features include LED display, 5K RAM, 95-key keyboard, magnetic card storage and printer. The program memory can store up to 500 program steps, and the data memory can store 51 data numbers. The calculator has three slots designed for plug-in special purpose ROMs called function blocks. These allow the user to upgrade to higher mathematics capabilities, including statistical computations, or add on optional peripherals. Function blocks MATHEMATICS 11221A and PERIPHERAL CONTROL I11220A are installed. Programs and data can be recorded on magnetic cards. The cards are six inches long, and up to 500 program steps can be stored on each side. The printer uses paper rolls 3 inches in width. The similar 9810A model was priced at $US2,975.

An operating and programming manual for the 9810A model has also been kept.